Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12-9-08 WOD



15 Overhead Squats (95#/65#)

For some unknown reason the 12:00 crew only did 3rds. Don't ask me why. I think whoever writes the WOD's on the board had some sort of amnesia! They'll pay dearly tomorrow.


ak said...

I thought for sure the WOD would be 400m "plow the parking lot" for time

Patrick said...

19:55 (75# 2rds 65# 3rds)

Christina said...

10:23 55# 3 rds.
Thanks Damian... Really looking forward to tomorrow now!

A-rons said...

10:13 3rds 75#

Hey, I saw the new pull up bars in the back of Chad’s truck tonight. So they should be ready at the new joint soon..

ak said...

26:02 (Rx)

Elizabeth said...

20:13 (55#)

Stephanie said...

16:02 (45#)

Styx said...


Now that we have had all of this time off from Pull-ups....Next Week Workouts:

Monday - 4 Rds of Tabata Pull-Ups
Tuesday - Max Pull-Up in 20 Min
Wednesday - 100 Burpee Pull-Ups for Time (G.I. Jane)
Thursday - Max Rds - 10 Clapping, 10 Weighted Pull-Ups
Friday - 1 Pull-Up the 1st minute, adding one each minute till failure to complete cumulative number in 60 seconds.

Patrick said...

Michael, did i tell you i can't make it at all next week. Darn!I got this thing with these people at this place all next week. It just come up around 12:57 PM

Jeff said...

18:30 5rds 75#

Momrod said...

Michael, don't you remember you were one of us once:-) "You're killin me smalls"

Anonymous said...

Is it for 400m are you sure??
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